Free Bankruptcy Assistance
Fast, Confidential and no Obligation
Free Bankruptcy Assistance
Fast, Confidential and no Obligation
Free Bankruptcy Assistance
Fast, Confidential and no Obligation

What is bankruptcy? What you need to know about going bankrupt

Why Bankruptcy


Why Bankruptcy Experts? Do you feel like your debts are getting completely out of control? Do you feel like there are no options left? Are you too worried to answer your phone? Then Bankruptcy Experts can provide the help that you’re looking for.

We will be able to help you understand all of your options and help you to make an informed choice. We are highly professional and personalise the service to your needs. In many cases we can have your application processed within 24 hours – So, soon enough, you will be debt free and able to start living again. One of the hardest parts is making the first phone call and asking for help.

Feel free to give us a call now on 1300 795 575 so we can talk about your options.

Bankruptcy Law - Is Bankruptcy Right for me?

One of the most difficult decisions many people face in their lives is whether bankruptcy is the best option for them. Knowing what the right decision is isn't easy. We have created a FREE eBook for you to download called The Big 5, which can start to help you to make an informed decision. You wouldn't want to go bankrupt until you knew the answers to these very important Big 5 questions.


Big 5 Questions – Can I keep my House if I go Bankrupt

  1. Is Going Bankrupt Right for me?
  2. Will I lose my job?
  3. How will my income be affected?
  4. Can I keep my house or car?
  5. Will I lose my business or can I still be self-employed?

If you are considering bankruptcy, being able to answer these questions is vital. These questions will enable you to know exactly what will happen to your business and assets should you choose to file for bankruptcy. Feel free to fill in a few details below to download our eBook for free. Or, if your questions are more complex, we welcome you to call us directly on 1300 795 575.

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Bankruptcy Experts Bendigo

'The Big 5' Download Free e-book Now

  1. Is going bankrupt the ideal option for me?
  2. Will I lose my job?
  3. How will my pay be affected?
  4. Can I try to keep my house?
  5. Will I lose my company or can I still be self-employed?

For everyone considering bankruptcy answering these questions is vital. Feel free to fill in a few details below to download the e-Book. Or if your questions are more complex feel free to call us directly on 1300 795 575.


Get your FREE copy of the Big 5

* We promise not to bombard you with emails and phone calls when you sign up for our free e-book. In fact, we promise to only call you once to see if we can help you further and that’s it.

Getting the CORRECT advice Bankruptcy Experts

Getting the CORRECT advice

Getting advice is fairly simple but getting the right and correct advice is often a different story. No matter what kind of financial problem you’re going through, finding someone who knows exactly how to help can be a challenge. Bankruptcy and personal insolvency is quite a niche area in the world of finance and it’s because of this, there isn’t a huge amount of people out there who have the correct understanding of it. Here at Bankruptcy Experts, this is what we do 24/7. Our friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable team are here to give you the right advice right from the start.

Who should I talk to?

Usually, people do a couple of things when they are considering bankruptcy. Firstly, they may talk to some close friends and/or browse the internet. The trouble with talking to friends and family is they don’t really know too much about it themselves and what they do know is usually wrong. The internet has almost too much information. One website will say one thing and another website will say the opposite. If this has been your experience save yourself some time and heartache and give us a call on 1300 795 575.


Should I talk to my Accountant or Solicitor?

You definitely could spend some time off work to search either online or in your local directory for an accountant or solicitor who specialises in insolvency, liquidations, and bankruptcy, but chances are you’re not going to find one.

Accountants are great for helping you with your taxes. Solicitors will be perfect for when you’re looking to buy a home or deal with other legal matters. However, that’s generally where their skills will be reached. We’re not saying they don’t have the skills to deal with such matters, but rather the demand for insolvency, liquidation, and bankruptcy matters are very limited. As they’re not dealing with these issues on a daily basis, their knowledge can be limited.

Often, our best referrals come from solicitors and accountants, as they know that we have a better understanding of bankruptcy issues, because this is what we do. We can then work closely with them and the client during the whole process to ensure they get through what would normally be a very difficult and challenging process.

Should I appoint a liquidator?

If a business owner finds themselves in a financial position where bankruptcy looks to be an option, it’s often encouraged to get in touch with a liquidator to put the company into Voluntary Liquidation. Often, people believe a liquidator will look after your best interests, considering you have paid them to help you get back on your feet.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Liquidators are often very nice people and personally, they do a great job. But, they’re there to do a job. Their duty is to your creditors (people you owe money to) and the courts. Their aim is to sell off assets in order to gain as much money as possible in order to pay the creditors. This is their job and this is what they’re going to aim to achieve. If you think that paying for a liquidator means they will care about you and want to bend the rules just for you, then you are mistaken. Unfortunately, you don’t factor into the equation and their main job is to focus on trying to pay back creditors. That’s it.

At the end of the day, liquidators are not your friends. Call us BEFORE you appoint a liquidator on 1300 8181 575.


How We Can Help You

At Bankruptcy Experts we want to help you with everything you need to know about personal insolvency and going bankrupt. Because everyone's circumstances are different, some aspects will need to be dealt with on a personal level. However, for the most basic questions, the frequently asked questions on this page can help you to start to get a better idea of the process. If you need more details or would like a personal assessment, continue through our website or simply call us on 1300 795 575.

My House

When considering bankruptcy, one of the first things people think about is the possibility of losing the family home…. Read more

My Car

If you really need you car, whether its for work or family commitments, will you still be able to keep it if you go bankrupt?… Read more..

My Business

Are you a business owner and worried about losing your business? If you go bankrupt, chances are you wont lose your business…. Read more

My Income

Unlike Debt Agreements, Personal Insolvency Agreements or Consolidation Loans, with bankruptcy, you usually dont need… Read more

My Credit File

FileMany people think that applying for bankruptcy means you will have a damaged credit rating for life. Truth is, you wont…. Read more

How Much will It Cost

Each case we take on is different, so there isnt a simple answer to this. However, if theres a way that we can help you… Read more

What If I don’t want to go bankrupt?

Not everyone wants to go bankrupt, and that’s totally understandable. There are times when you think bankruptcy isn’t the best solution for you and we understand that. There are other insolvency or debt management solutions, and these include:

  • Personal Insolvency Agreements.
  • Small Business Bankruptcy.
  • Debt Consolidation Loans.
  • Company Liquidation.
  • Company Restructuring.
  • Part 9 & Part 10 Debt Agreements.
  • Voluntary Administrations.
  • Section 73 Annulments.

Trying to understand which choice is the best one for you can be quite difficult. Some practitioners will start to go through the details with you and provide you with your options, only leaving you more confused than before.

We are sure that we can help you with your debts and this is why we proudly offer a totally FREE, no strings attached initial consultation. Feel free to contact us today on 1300 795 575.

Bankruptcy Statistics

We understand that filing for Bankruptcy can be a difficult and scary decision, however you are not alone. Thousands of people in Australia file for bankruptcy every year.

Bankruptcies in Experts – 1st Oct 2015 to 31st March 2016
Bankruptcies In Australia in 2015
Bankruptcy Application Processing Time
Our Callback Response Average Time

What Our Clients Have to say

As we have been bankruptcy specialists for many years now, we have plenty of happy customers. Each story is different and of course, yours will be too. Here are a few stories from our previous clients.



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